10 great ideas to use when you're writing your term paper

  1. You need to critically engage with the information that you read. Do not simply rephrase their arguments or disagree with all of them for the sake of disagreement. Instead contemplate whether or not you think their argument holds true based on your experience we're better yet, compared the different scholars to one another.
  2. If you have written essays in the past which been criticized for having unclear arguments or poor structure and chance are planning to something you truly need to practice.
  3. In order to properly plan your paper the first thing you should do is review your notes multiple times. As you look over your notes underline anything that you think is particularly relevant, interesting, or importance to the discussion. As you do this try and organize your thoughts into different sections and see if you can perhaps link different ideas together. In this instance you might find that you have to a three different ideas for one single topic and you don't know which one is best. If this is the case, use organizational tools such as spider diagrams to see which of the two or three topic ideas will work best. See whether the ideas linked together or if they fall together nicely into different sections. See which questions you might be able to mostly answer.
  4. Look over your diagrams and your notes to try and work out the main point that you want percent within the confines of your paper. The best papers are those which are characterized by a clear argument.
  5. Start working backward. Use the different links you've created within your diagram to see what you need to argue your points. Write down each of your points in a couple of words to create the skeleton outline for your paper.
  6. Start to fill out your skeleton with information you have gleaned from your notes and any additional ideas that you might have. This is particularly crucial if you're writing a literature term paper where you need a close analysis. Write down any corresponding sentences that you can link together within the confines of the structure.
  7. Finally, fill out additional information until you have roughly a draft but in bullet form. You might even have your introductory sentences for each paragraph here or you concluding sentences for each paragraph.
  8. At this point it's really beneficial to have somebody such as a close friend or family member read over your plan. If they simply look over your skeletal outline they can see if everything is relevant and if your plan is comprehensive. Your plan should be so complete that your friend or family member should be able to read it over with ease and spot any flaws immediately. Make sure that you move around and change your outline to incorporate any criticism that they have.
  9. Never expect this process to be fast or easy. Even if your essays just 1500 words you might spend three or four hours trying to make sure that you have ironed out every kink in your arguments and plan everything properly so that all you have to do is polish off your bullet points and join up the dots to create your final draft.
  10. If you struggle with clarity structure make sure you practice planning. Give yourself a limited amount of time to pick different term paper questions and plan out answers as thoroughly as possible. The more you practice the better you will be.

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