A List Of Top Ten High School Research Paper Topics You Can Explore

Every time you don’t find a good topic for your research paper, you go on the Internet. You know that you can find everything you need there without too much effort. However, you have to pay attention to any information that you take from websites; since you don’t know who wrote it, you don’t know if it’s valid. Instead of going from page to page to get a good idea, take a look at this list:

  1. Sexual education in high school. Many professors don’t want to talk about this, but it can be really helpful for teenagers. They need to know how to take care of themselves and how to stay healthy.
  2. Legalization of marijuana. It is still a controversial issue, especially in some countries. However, you can build a very good composition and discuss about the real danger and benefits of it.
  3. Anxiety and depression. For sure you know someone who had to deal with these conditions, but you did not imagine how serious they are. Writing about it can help your colleagues and allow them to understand how they have to deal with people who suffer from anxiety.
  4. Communism. A big part of Europe was under communism for a very long time. The effects are obvious until today, so talk about this in your composition.
  5. Using computers in the class. Even if not many schools approve this, it can really help students and make everything easier for the professors.
  6. Animal abuse. What are the laws regarding this in your country? Do you think that the government should do more to prevent this kind of situations?
  7. Fast food and advertisements. If you look on advertisements, fast-food seems to be healthy, appropriate food for any teenager. We all know that the situation is not so simple, so what should the government do?
  8. Underage drinking. Making a composition about this can make your colleagues understand the dangers of such a behavior.
  9. Religious discrimination. In many countries this happens even if the government is trying to prevent it. What should you do if you witness such a situation? Should you involve yourself and defend the victim, or avoid the trouble and walk away?
  10. Police abuse. In the last months you can hear about more and more cases of police abuse. The public is outraged and the governments don’t seem to make any change. Why is this happening?

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