A List Of Excellent Biology Term Paper Topic Ideas

Most students who sign up for a biology class end up getting surprised to realize that they are supposed to write a term paper. To make the matter worse, they are supposed to choose their own topics.

Choose a topic that interests you

Once you choose an interesting biology topic, you are likely to become interested in the paper. There are various topics covering different subtopics and students can end up spending hours trying to sift through a topic that is of interest to them. Students can choose between human biology and that of inspects, plants, animals or even the sea creatures. In other words, there are limitless topic ideas particularly since researchers continue to discover news things concerning life on earth.

Focus on something you know

Choosing an essay topic is as easy as creating a list of the things that interest you. You can pick anything such as sports as a background to your topic. After choosing a topic that you are interested in, you can look at how biology plays a role. For instance, you can look at the impact of sports enhancing drug. Another choice that you can look at is on how genetics play a role in the physical abilities of the super sportsmen.

To make the process of choosing a topic easier, here are some excellent topics for your biology term papers:

  • Is obesity hereditary?
  • Pregnancy and obesity
  • Autism and vaccines
  • The use of Ebola as a weapon for terrorists
  • Is there a need for dissection in biology class
  • Nanotechnology and human body
  • Effect of breastfeeding on healthy babies
  • Is there enough evidence for evolution?
  • Organisms that live in unconventional places such as mountain tops, frigid temps and deep sea
  • Proteins and food allergies
  • New species
  • Some of the origins of the life controversies
  • Should abortion be used where the life of the mother is threatened?
  • Effects of the weather on the human health
  • Studies on twins
  • How sleep affects the human health
  • Is addiction a disease?
  • What is the effect of addiction to emotional health such as anger and rage?
  • Twin studies
  • Holistic vs. prescription medicines
  • Are antibacterial soaps effective in the treatment of infections?
  • Forest biology
  • Ideal beauty & genetics
  • Causes of hair loss
  • How alien life interact with different species

With biology playing a role in nearly every aspect of life, you options when choosing a topic can be endless.


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