5 Things You Should Know To Choose A Catchy Research Paper Topic

Selecting the right topic is by no means an easy task. A lot depends on the topic of your dissertation and you will have to be very careful while choosing it. The subject has to be completely original. You cannot write a research paper on a theme that has already being covered. The paper must be a valuable contribution to the subject and hence it should be unique and fresh.

Future students will learn from your paper and hence you will have to make it interesting and catchy. If you want to get good grades and impress your professors you will have to select a subject that will pique the reader’s interest. Here are few tips that will help you come up with such topics.

Why you need a catchy topic

The topic is the first thing people will notice about your paper. Without the right one people will not even consider reading your paper further. In this day and age, first impression is the last impression. With so much data, people are hard pressed to read thoroughly. So if you do not make the subject catchy and interesting your professor may not even stop to reconsider his decision of giving you an average grade. So to get a good grade you will actually have to have a topic that will force the reader to read the paper and once they begin, the facts and writing style should hook them till they complete the research paper.

Tips on picking a topic:

  • - The first thing you will have to do is brainstorm. If you read a lot of books on the subject, it is the best idea to brainstorm those pages. By brainstorming you will come up some of the interesting theme you liked yourself and then you can proceed to creating a subject similar to the one you came up with.
  • - The second step is, understanding the point you have shortlisted. You definitely do not want to work on something that you cannot complete. There are points that seem catchy at first but once you think properly you will understand that is simply not possible to cover in your research.
  • - Keep room for maneuver. By being flexible you keep your options open so that you can add a better idea later.
  • - Use crisp words that will appeal to the reader
  • - Make it more like a question to interest the reader.

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