Searching For A Good Research Paper Template In The APA Format

APA format or the American Psychological Association format is the most widely use format of dissertation writing particularly in the scientific sphere. The format has evolved through ages keeping pace with the development in the field of electronic information and technology. Keeping at par with the latest guidelines of APA, while choosing a research paper template you should check whether the following criteria are met or not.

The general requirements:

  • Margins: the margin should be 1 inch wide instead of 1 ½ inch that was required earlier and must be drawn on every side that is top, bottom, left and right.
  • Fonts: Font should be times New Roman and 12 pt.
  • Spacing: the document should be double-spaced throughout.
  • Alignment: The document should be aligned left with uneven right side.
  • There should be running heads: use of short title on the top of each pages of the article is mandatory.
  • The article should be written in active voice and in an impersonal form. Avoid using pronouns like “we” and “I” in the article.
  • The order of the pages in the document: The pages should be ordered as Title>Abstracts>Body>Reference>Appendices>foot notes> Tables> Figures and the page number must be mentioned at the right hand corner of each page on the first line itself.

The title page:

This page comprises of the title of you research work, you name as the author and the university or college you are affiliated to. Mention your co-authors as well if applicable. All these should be center-aligned and you can also add a note of acknowledgement on this page if applicable.

The Abstract:

The abstract is the brief overview of your entire project where you introduce your topic. This should typically be in block letter and must be limited within 150-200 words.

The Body:

The body is the main work that should begun on a new page.


This section is dedicated to the mention of all those works that you had cited for reference in your research. Mention the author, source and it’s year of publication. Also provide the URLs in case your cited references are from the internet.


The appendix is mandatory for the mentioning of equipments and tests used for the research.


Backup notes to substantiate your views should be mentioned as footnotes.

Tables, figures and charts:

This section includes tables of data, graphs and charts that are related to the research. This is optional depending on the topic given.

These guidelines are the basic requirements that you should consider while choosing a suitable research paper format under the APA guideline of research paper composition.


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