List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On Stress At Workplace

Whilst people have almost certainly suffered from stress related illnesses for thousands of years, it has only really started to be understood as a serious medical condition in recent decades. In fact, as the medical understanding has become more advanced, there has also been an increased realisation that the workplace is a major contributor towards stress suffered by people.

In fact, in recent years, the number of people who are taking time off work as a result of stress related conditions that they have suffered as a result of the workplace has increased drastically. This has serious implications for a wide range of different reasons. For example, if someone is taking paid sick leave as a result of stress-related issues suffered in the workplace and they were working for a small company, then the business can find itself with a huge financial burden.

Alternatively, some individuals may take advantage of what is perceived to be the ease with which people can use stress-related illnesses as a way of taking paid leave.

Ultimately, there are a wide range of different discussions that can be had about a variety of different issues related to stress in the workplace. Therefore, you have a huge choice of topics to choose from when writing a research paper on the subject. However, the topic that you do choose to write about may be influenced in some way by the subject that you are studying. For example, if you’re studying economics or business studies, then you may look at the financial implications; whereas, if you are studying medicine, then you may look at the health consequences of stress.

For some further topic ideas, the list below outlines a range of different titles you may wish to use.

  • Which gender is more likely to suffer from stress related illnesses in the workplace?
  • Work proportion of individuals signed off with stress related illnesses are exploiting the system?
  • How are stress related illnesses derived from the workplace diagnosed?
  • Are managers more likely to suffer from stress than regular employees?
  • How can businesses use stress management techniques to help prevent their employees from suffering from stress at the workplace
  • An examination of stress at the workplace in different industries
  • Is age a factor in the likelihood of individuals suffering from stress at the workplace?
  • What health problems can develop as a result of stress in the workplace?
  • What indirect dangers can arise as a result of individuals suffering from stress at the workplace
  • A case study of a company that was sued by an employee as a result of stress in the workplace

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