5 Basic Tips On The Research Paper Thesis Statement Format

The Introduction of a research paper has enormous responsibility. It bears the task of injecting readers with enthusiasm and excitement about the topic. Of course, the initial impetus is given by the title but the maintenance job falls on the Introduction.

The utilization

Now, it utilizes thesis statement to create an aura of interest. Here you have a statement trying to define the topic in clear terms and propelling the whole research forward. It has the grit to direct the readers towards the possible thesis the paper may turn into.

It is obvious that you have to construct the thesis statement in a calibrated manner; it cannot be a shot in the dark. Here are certain tips to adorn its texture

  1. The amalgamation of topic – The research paper statement should take into account the flexibility and crux of the topic itself. Thereby, it gains direction through derivation of your creative insurgence.
  2. Relevance factor – Even if the topic may be slightly outlandish or rare, the thesis statement should be created in a relevant manner. There should be a feeling that it is a determinate factor in life or the precinct the topic covers.
  3. The identification factor – The research statement should be construed in such a way that reader can automatically identify with it. “This can also happen to me’ should be the general outcry, especially if the topic is based on an opinionated subject.
  4. The scope for conflict – The thesis statement should not be redoubtable; it should be a statement with thin veins of contradiction. It should either try to turn the tide or present a new facet. Your research paper needs to eventually concretize the statement through proper Methodology.
  5. The authoritative touch – The statement should give a feeling that you actually hold an authoritative knowledge on the topic. It should be schematically carved and bear a holistic attitude.

Need for meticulousness

While the thesis statement is just a start; a driving pebble in the ocean of storms, it paves the way for an inordinate paper. You need to carry on the good work and be meticulous in carving the various pages of the paper.

Compact but crisp

The research statement should not be more than 2-3 lines. It is after all a statement and not a paragraph. This clearly concedes that its creation requires creativity, knowledge of the truss and an eye for detail. You make one mistake and the paper comes out in shreds.


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