How To Come Up With The Best US History Term Paper Topics: Helpful Suggestions

US history is an interesting subject and you should enjoy working on written assignments in this class. There is plenty of material for you to use, so research won’t be a problem. In most cases, the hardest part of writing a US history term paper is choosing the topic. There are just too many things you can focus on, so it might be difficult to pick.

If this is your problem, the following tips should help:

  • Write about something you’ve already covered in class.
  • This way, you will have some knowledge of the subject, so creating an essay will be much easier.

  • Choose a topic you are personally interested in.
  • This will help you with motivation and should enable you to produce a passionate and strong term paper.

  • Consider the scope of your topic.
  • It must be neither too wide, nor too narrow. In the former case, you will not be able to cover the subject properly, so your work will seem weak and superficial. If the topic is too narrow, you will have to add some filler content, which will reduce the value of your term paper greatly.

If you are completely out of ideas, study the following suggestions. Some of them might inspire you.

  1. The effect of colonization on the culture of Native Americans.
  2. How the Great Britain came to be the dominant colonist in North America.
  3. The Revolutionary War: effects on the lives of colonists.
  4. The role of African Americans in the Revolutionary War.
  5. The Revolutionary War and slavery: how did the ideals of independence and freedom affect the issue?
  6. The Great Compromise: was it fair to all the states?
  7. The effect of the Embargo Act on the nation’s economy.
  8. America of the 1800s: the effect of developing infrastructure on the country.
  9. Ups and downs of the fight for the civil rights in the end of 1800s.
  10. Progressive reforms and the benefits they provided to American society.
  11. The real value of the Hawaiian Islands to U.S. interests in the Pacific.
  12. Taming of the Wild West.
  13. The origins of the immigration law of 1917: why is it so different from the laws of 1882 and 1907?
  14. How did participation in the World War I affect the development of progressive reforms in the U.S?
  15. Cultural changes brought by the veterans of the World War II.

Don’t forget that you should do some preliminary research first and make sure that you have enough data to create a strong paper before you make the final decision on your topic.


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