Fifteen Interesting Research Paper Topics About World War 2

World War 2, as with every other large scale conflict in history, has affected many countries, peoples, cultures and economies in various ways. The effects of world war 2 are still felt by many today and there are many issues present in our society today that exist as a result of an event that took place decades before. Here are 12 interesting research paper topics about World War 2:

  1. Investigate the first main casualties involving high ranking officials and speculate on the effects these deaths had on the full scale initiation of the conflict.
  2. How did the war affect the population of males born in participating countries after the year 1920, most notably Soviet males, has the population recovered to this day?
  3. Investigate the possible value of lost military vehicles during military exercises and speculate on how those funds could have been utilized better.
  4. Were the costs to the allied forces much greater than that of the opposing armies or were they equivalent?
  5. Did the loss of enlisted lives have a positive effect on the patriotism of U.S. Citizens or did it serve to dissuade citizens from supporting military efforts by their government?
  6. Many service men are traumatized after experiencing the horrors of war. Has governments taken satisfactory measures to rehabilitate these individuals and reinstate them back into society?
  7. The chances of dying during certain missions are incredibly higher than other missions types. Is it possible that certain servicemen we considered expendable and as a result, they were sent on these dangerous missions?
  8. How has World War 2 affected the military strategies of present day military leaders as a result of the lives lost in failed strategic moves during the conflict?
  9. Is the suicide tactic reportedly utilized by the Russians an act of dehumanizing their military personnel or is this type of activity considered acceptable if done for patriotic reasons?
  10. What effect did this conflict have on the life and practices of prominent scientist and how did it change the worlds opinion on men of science?
  11. It has been stated that Hitler used the name of Christianity as a reason for his gruesome acts. Is this any different from the conflicts caused by those in the Middle East today?
  12. What was the main reason for the start of this conflict and could it have been avoided if other nations had responded to the needs of Germany before they were pushed to the brink?

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