Creating A Lung Cancer Research Paper Bibliography: Tips And Tricks

A “bibliography” is a list of all the books, magazines, articles, journals or videos that have been referenced by the author while writing the research paper. By referenced, we mean consulted or read. Not all the materials listed in a bibliography are directly cited in the text of the paper. A listing of only cited works is usually called a “Reference List”.

A bibliography is a very important part of a research paper because it allows the reader to verify the veracity of the text of the paper. It also acts as a guard against plagiarism.

Most schools will have their own rules on which style guide to follow when creating a bibliography. Since your paper is on lung cancer, the style you will most probably be asked to use is the APA style (and this is the one we will be referencing in this article). You should, however, consult your teacher to be absolutely sure. Read on to find out how to create your bibliography.

An Article from a Journal

The typical format for writing a bibliography entry for a source article from a journal is as follows:

Last name of the author, Initial(s). (Year of publication) Name of paper. Name of Journal and volume number.

For example:

Diggle, D. E. (2011). Implications of Growth of Previously Unknown Species of Plants in Geographical Areas. ABCD Working Paper No. 200005.

Multiple Authors

For multiple authors, separate the names with commas.

For example:

Diggle, D. E., Miller, D., and Finkliwink, G. (2011). Implications of Growth of Previously Unknown Species of Plants in Geographical Areas. ABCD Working Paper No. 200005.

Articles from the Internet

For articles from the internet, the format differs. The following conventions are followed:

Name of author. (Year of Publication). Name of article. Retrieved from website address

For example:

Ministry for Laughter and Merriment. (2012). Occasional Paper on the Benefits of a Great Outlook on Life. Retrieved from

Articles from Newspapers

There is further differentiation for articles from newspapers or magazines. There format here includes the name of the author, the title of the article (and this should be in quotation marks), the title of the newspaper, magazine or other publication (this should be in italics), the year of publication and the page numbers of the publication from where you extracted this information. Here is an example:

Miller, James. “What is the difference between a rainbow and a choo choo train? The Sunbeam Times. 16 September 2040: 600-603.


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