How To Conclude An APA Research Paper: 5 Basic Rules

When concluding any academic paper, you will of course need to write a conclusion. However, various essays will actually require you to go into more detail. For example, most research papers will include a variety of different sections that you need to include after the conclusion. Equally, the formatting style that you use can have an impact upon which sections you need to include.

Therefore, if you are writing with APA style, then there are various things to bear in mind. In order to give you a better understanding of how to conclude your work, the following outlines five basic rules.

  1. The use of footnotes and endnotes
  2. When using APA style, it is possible to use footnotes and endnotes; however, this is generally not recommended. Nevertheless, if you do need to include some type of notable and note, then you should be aware that there are two different types of explanatory note that you can use: copyright or content.

    How and when to use these explanatory notes can be relatively complex, so we do need to use them, it is best to refer to an official APA style guide.

  3. Include a reference list
  4. It is absolutely vital that you include a reference list. In fact, citations and references are an integral part of the academic writing process. References help to back up any points that you make, as well as preventing you from being accused of plagiarism.

  5. Using citations correctly
  6. When using any of the different formatting style guides, you will find that there will often be very different requirements relating to how you create citations and references. APA style uses a relatively complex citation method and, therefore, it is best that you spend some time reading the official APA style guide before you try and write any citations.

  7. Include printed and electronic sources in the reference list
  8. Your reference list should include wide variety of different elements, including references to both printed sources, and electronic sources.

  9. Checking the work
  10. Finally, it is essential that you check your work. Of course, you might already be aware that you need to proofread and edit your work; however, you should also check to the formatting has been done correctly. Essentially, you should not think that you have finished once you have completed the writing, as you will only be done once you have fully checked the work as well.


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