Controversial Topics To Discuss In Your Research Paper

The most important step in creating an excellent research paper is selecting the right topic. If you want to make people interested in your academic work, you should select a controversial and debatable topic. You may do some brainstorming to come up with interesting ideas. If nothing comes to your mind, you may get some inspiration from a selection of sample topics.

A List of Controversial Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of the USA in the destabilization of Asia.
  2. Undeniable similarities between nationalism and racism.
  3. Cold war: has it never ended?
  4. Electronic banking is created to swindle with virtual money.
  5. A person cannot be free until they refuse to be a part of the society.
  6. Mass media is one of the most powerful weapons of the government.
  7. The church shouldn’t be allowed to take part in political life of a country.
  8. Plastic surgery encourages people to look unnatural.
  9. Compulsory military service is a contradiction to human rights.
  10. Humanity is a disease that will lead to lethal consequences for Earth.
  11. Wealthy states are built on the hard work of people from third world countries.
  12. The Bible is the creation of man but not God.
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of the raw food diet.
  14. The pharmaceutical industry makes people less resistant to diseases.

Recommendations for Organizing the Work on Your Research Paper

Selecting a topic is important but it’s only the first step. Once your area of interest is chosen, you should conduct your study. Depending on your topic, you’ll need to either analyze plenty of textual materials or carry out your own tests, interviews, and so on. To optimize the flow of your study, you may consult your instructor on this matter.

Once you’ve conducted your study and received results, you should make an outline of your paper. Your outline should contain an introduction, a chapter where you review the used literature, a chapter where you describe your research methodology, a chapter where you present your results, and a conclusion. Each chapter should be divided into relevant subchapters. Ask your instructor to examine your outline before you continue. The next step is to write your paper. Follow your outline and make sure not to exceed the maximum word limit. Then, proofread and edit your text. It’s recommended to repeat the procedure several times to achieve a better result.

Lastly, format your document in accordance with the needed style. To learn about the requirements of the style, look into your assignment guidelines.


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