The 12 Most Interesting Project Management Term Paper Ideas

A term paper requires more than just understanding of the subject or willingness to do the assignment. You would need to gather relevant data, perform literature review, and think critically in order to create a winning term paper. If you are to discuss project management in your term paper, then the first thing you need is an effective topic. The topic of your paper is critical in deciding the scope and direction of your assignment.

Term paper topics in project management

  1. How effective project management can contribute to nation building
  2. Challenges and recommendations for efficient implementation of Government projects
  3. How to effectively implement a project you have planned as the manager of a food manufacturing company
  4. Effective application of desired projects in nonprofit organizations
  5. Case studies of large or mid scale projects impacting the nation and people at large
  6. Project management and strategic competency for delivering excellence
  7. How do project planners ensure the best execution if they are working in a multicultural organization an example could be Thanks Giving and Ramadan
  8. What to do if your project is past the deadline and you have to present an effective report to the higher authorities of the progress so far and the delays in the process
  9. How do multinational companies plan and execute projects in a way that they can be implemented globally on the same scale and with the same efficiency
  10. How does decision making work in a project if the sub ordinates are more active and have creative ideas for implementing the suggested methods than the managers
  11. How does the project management theory differ from the practical world? What should students learn in order to make great employers or employees in their future
  12. If the external events that are beyond your control effect the delivery of the project how would you anticipate that in your plan and calculate the possible delay

These are top twelve interesting ideas for writing a term paper on project management. You need to remember that these ideas are accessible by a variety of students so you should edit and rephrase any of them before making it the title of your paper. These are general topics so you can narrow them down and use specific industries or companies if you have enough data to create an effective term paper.


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