Eighteen Possible Topics For Creating A Successful Term Paper

Students who have the assignment of writing a term paper can sometimes draw a blank when it comes to a topic. This will happen when the topic is left up to them and not assigned by a teacher. A term paper of course is more than just the topic. A good one requires also creating an outline and doing the necessary research. Main points have to be clearly presented and everything has to be in a very logical flow. The topic should be something that the student is interested in, because that will encourage greater attention in both researching and the writing. Here are some possible term paper topics:

  1. Is racial equality possible without affirmative action?;
  2. The benefits of public education;
  3. The impact of alcohol abuse and pregnancy;
  4. The social consequences of capital punishment;
  5. The best search engines on the Internet;
  6. Government regulation of the Internet;
  7. Weight training versus aerobics;
  8. How extra paid holidays benefit business;
  9. Hoarding and psychiatric depression;
  10. Texting and social communication;
  11. What social media has done for marketing;
  12. The Supreme Court appointments of Barack Obama;
  13. Why school uniforms are important;
  14. What the value of prison sentences for drug use is to society;
  15. Animal rights and the need for medical research;
  16. Censorship on the Internet;
  17. Why college education is important;
  18. Cosmetic surgery and self-esteem.

A student should also remember some of the very basic rules of writing a term paper. This composition should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The Introduction should state the position of the writer and why the topic is so important. The Body is the discussion of the facts. The Conclusion will be that part of the paper where the writer states his or her findings. There is also a need for a Bibliography at the end. This informs the reader of the sources for the information contained in the paper itself.

Term papers are a necessary academic assignment, but they are not really that difficult. The writer does has to follow an outline, and present facts and discussions that are logical. Writing prepares a student for career work later on. Practice gained in writing papers will pay benefits when work-related reports will be necessary. The student should take a little time to find the right topic for the term paper. If it appears that there is not enough research on the topic to warrant writing a paper, another topic should be available for the project. A final recommendation for the student is to proofread the term paper before it is submitted. Careless grammar mistakes and misspelling can cost in the final grade.


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