20 Chemistry Term Paper Ideas You Cannot Miss

When writing a chemistry term paper, you will first need to think of an idea to use for a title. Of course, the topic or title that you write about may largely depend on what you’re studying at the moment; however, it may be the case that you are allowed to pick any topic or title related in some way to chemistry.

Hopefully, whether you have been given a general theme to write about or you can write about anything you want, the ideas listed below will still be of some use to you. However, if you can’t find anything from the 20 ideas listed below that you would like to write about then the following suggestions may help you to think of titles on your own.

Reading other papers

You may get some great ideas to write about by looking at prewritten papers. Either you can try and find papers through your school, which could have been written by former students, or you can look online instead.


A great way of getting extra inspiration is to use various brainstorming techniques. Brainstorming techniques can help you to expand on any ideas that you may already have, as well as come up with completely new ideas as well.

  1. Outline and explain the atomic structure of the quantum mechanical model
  2. Are solid, liquid and gas the only three states of matter?
  3. The history of the periodic table
  4. An in-depth study of the inert gases
  5. Outline and explain the various types of chemical bonding
  6. What is a mole and how is it measured
  7. Outline and discuss the process of oxidation
  8. What causes chemical reactions to occur?
  9. Why is lithium so volatile?
  10. Discuss the various structures of carbon, and how these structures influence the properties of different materials
  11. Compare and contrast exothermic and endothermic reactions
  12. How is carbon dating used to identify the age of things?
  13. Outline and explain why carbon dating cannot be used to accurately measure the age of things from recent history
  14. The history of chemistry
  15. An analysis of the different properties associated with different metals
  16. Compare and contrast molecules and compounds
  17. What are Bose–Einstein condensates?
  18. How is galvanised steel produced?
  19. How is water purified?
  20. Discuss Arrhenius theory in relation to acidity and basicity

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