Basic Hints On Composing Sociology Research Paper Title Page

Sociology traverses differential equation on various scales; be it personal, societal or global. It is so subjective that when you write a research paper on it, you naturally feel tempted to enhance the canvas. This is where you need to draw the line and endeavor to streamline.

The stark beginning

The beginning of this disposition is at the title page itself. It should be compact and clear in its evocation. You should preferably utilize APA format, since the style is more conducive to opinionated subjects than others.

  • - The title page begins with a running head; which is just where the header space is. You write ‘Running Head’ as notified here and then following a colon, you should write the title in full block letters.
  • - Then you should step down to the middle of the page and write the title again. This time you write only the initial letters of the words in capital and the others in small letters. You should make sure that the title is not more than 12 words in length.
  • - The next line presents your name beginning with your first name and ending with your last. Make sure you don’t place prefixes or degrees in the name.
  • - The third line reckons the affiliated University. Sometimes, the instructor guides you to write his name as well in the fourth line. All the lines should be double-spaced; a trait you need to follow throughout the research paper.
  • - The research paper title page should bear letters in 12 points Times New Roman font.

Keep it compact

For the benefit of an astute title page, you should endeavor to keep the title manageable and not too overbearing. You should also bear in mind that abiding by the rules for the research paper title page is only one of the problems solved. There are bigger ones waiting in the wings.

Show discretion

It is extremely easy to digress or deviate from the topic when you write a research paper n sociology. There are too many facts and figures up for grabs and too many books and journals for reference. You cannot utilize anything which comes to your hand. Discretion is the main motto here.

Clever demarcation

There is another important consideration. Sociology has a common string with Psychology. You need to thus respect the demarcation and craft a sociological research paper; not a psychological one. This requires wariness as there is an extremely thin dividing line. Be careful.


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