List Of Good Research Paper Topics About Online Games Addiction

Teenagers and grownup alike are whistling away their hour playing games in the virtual world created on the internet. The number of people who inhabit this virtual world of fantasy and violence is increasing every day and people are finding it difficult to leave it behind and get back to the simple and boring real life that they have.

With cases of online gaming addiction on the rise, more and more students are writing about it in their research papers. Writing about this issue is a good idea. It will act as a sort of awareness and help people better understand the reasons behind this addiction or how to get away from it.

Importance of selecting an impressive topic

If you are going to write about online gaming addiction, you must choose to explore regions that have not been worked on earlier by other scholars. Simply writing the immediate harmful effects along with a few case histories will cut no ice with the professor. If you really want to impress your professor and get a good grade you must work on an impressive sub topic about gaming addiction.

There are quite a few topics you can work on and you will have to give enough case studies and scientific research materials to back up your claims. You can even conduct a few experiments and interviews to authenticate your points. Getting online gamers who are addicted to it should not be much of a problem.

Interesting research paper topic related to gamming addiction:

  • The social and economic reasons behind the addiction. Does the causes of online game addiction same as that of other sorts of addiction? If so why then kids from proper loving homes get addicted to role playing games popular across the internet.
  • A detailed study of the addiction. Should it even qualify as an addiction? Is it just a person enjoying a hobby for long extended period? When does the hobby turn in to addiction?
  • How can you know if a person playing an online game is an addict or just someone enjoying the pleasures of modern technology?
  • How is the addiction of online gaming directly related to obesity? What are the other long term health issues a gaming addict will have to face?
  • Different forms of internet addiction and why it is unhealthy not only for the body but also for the mind.

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