4 Methods You Can Use to Come Up With Great Research Paper Titles

If you are going to write a research paper, the first thing you have to think about after you choose the topic is the title. The title of your paper has to be catchy and tell the reader what your paper is about and coming up with a title can be hard if you don’t know how to properly come up with one. These methods will help you come up with a great title for your next paper.

4 Methods

  • The first thing you can try when you are trying to come up with a title is to make is a question that you will be answering in the paper. Make sure it is a good question, though, one that will get them thinking before they even start to read your paper.
  • Try to use a title that rhymes, this might not work for everyone but some people can get away with a title that rhymes. Remember is has to stay on point so don’t go too crazy trying to rhyme.
  • How about your use a pun. Puns are fun and if you can come up with a great title using one, that will get the reader’s attention and they will get a good laugh out of it.
  • Use a title that only has a few words in it. When you are going to use this method, you have to be careful because if you do it the wrong way, you won’t succeed in creating a great title. And don’t try to write a long title either because that is boring and puts people to sleep before they even start to read the paper.

Coming up with the title to your research paper can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. You can come up with a great title if you use these methods and if you are still having troubles write a few down and ask someone else which ones they liked the most. The title is the first thing that will be read on your paper and you want it to be great and you can write a great title if you understand all of the information about the topic you are covering. That is why you should always write the title to your paper last. This way you know where you research paper went and how you can explain it in the title.


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