Choosing An Interesting Research Paper Topic In Biology

How to select an attractive research paper topic?

In order to make your paper excellent, the first step would be- to choose an interesting topic that complements your efforts. Depending upon the audience of your paper, you must zero upon the subject. The cleverest thing to do here is- to look where here your interest lies. If you want to go through outdated scholarly journals in order to land upon a perfect topic, then discard this idea right away.

12 interesting biology research paper topics

  1. Marriage between cousins is common in many communities and it has showing no sign of decrease. What kind of genetic diseases can occur from the custom of marriage within a family?
  2. Campaigns about birth control pills are carried out in a massive scale especially in under-developed pockets. Though it’s the most effective measure to curb down population control, birth control pills have some adverse effects on a woman’s health also. Formulate a paper around effect of birth control pills on a woman’s body.
  3. Ayurveda is considered one of the most famous branches of alternative medicines. You may write down a research paper about whether ayurveda has a positive or negative effect on curing life-style disease like- obesity, short-sightedness or insomnia.
  4. Phobias among human beings are extremely rampant. Is there any deep connection between biology and phobias? Or they fall strictly during the jurisdiction of psychology. Explain this in your research paper.
  5. Biological weapons the world has witnessed so far and how they can change the future of war in human civilization.
  6. The measures an under-developed country should take up to resist the deadly spread of disease Ebola.
  7. The precautions a layman and a government should adhere to- against cancer epidemic in near future.
  8. The effects of teen pregnancy and recurrent abortions in USA- how it always had been and how it can be tackled biologically in coming days.
  9. Obesity as a genetic disorder – what measures should be undertaken against spreading it among future generations.
  10. The relation between Meningitis and erratic personality disorders.
  11. Many women are opting for late pregnancies in these days. It’s a popular myth that late pregnancy may cause Down’s syndrome in the infant. Validate or bust this myth in biological context.
  12. Erratic working hours and drastic lifestyle changes are jeopardizing with the biological clock of every working adult. Discuss the effects of this change on sleeping cycles and how they lead to sleeping/mental disorder.

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