A List Of Excellent Research Paper Topics On Nursing Education

During their education, nurses are required to write various research papers. This allows them to learn more about their future profession, as well as use the knowledge they already have. However, finding an interesting and original topic isn’t always an easy task for the average person. Below is a list of good nursing topics that you can use for your paper.

  1. The best methods for patient care.
  2. A nurse’s job is to take care of their patients, both physically and mentally. Gather information on the best techniques that nurses can use for patient care, and describe them in your paper.

  3. Building a nursing community.
  4. Because nurses are often women and usually around the same age, they often build their own communities. Write your research paper about building stronger nurse communities, and using them to optimize their work in hospitals.

  5. Procedures to cope with stress.
  6. Nurses face terrible illnesses and suffering almost every day. This can have unfortunate consequences. In your paper, investigate the different ways nurses can cope with stress, and what hospitals should do to help them.

  7. Nursing education and modern technology.
  8. Nowadays, students who study to become nurses use various technologies of the modern era. List these technologies in your work, and describe how they help students in their studies.

  9. Nursing in the future.
  10. This profession has continually developed over the years. Modern nurses are very different from the nurses of the past. Do your research, and try to predict how nursing will evolve in the future.

  11. American nurses vs. British nurses.
  12. Nursing education varies greatly from one country to another. Gather the necessary data and compare nurses from the US with nurses from the UK. What are the differences and similarities?

  13. The risks faced by nurses.
  14. Nursing is a dangerous profession in many ways. Nurses may suffer from illnesses if they aren’t careful, or encounter aggressive patients. Explore this topic more deeply in your paper.

  15. Nursing hierarchy.
  16. Hospitals usually create hierarchy among their nurses. Investigate in your work what a nurse should do, and what skills can help in climbing up the career ladder.

  17. Famous nurses and their achievements.
  18. There are many nurses who became famous or infamous for their deeds. Choose a particular historical character, and write about their life and influence on this profession.

  19. The decreasing number of nurses.
  20. During recent years the number of potential nurses began to decrease. Do your research and find out the reasons for this shortage of nurses.


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