Step-By-Step Guide To Composing A Research Paper Thesis Statement On Abortion

Writing about abortion can be tricky task, especially because the subject can be controversial and be met with a lot of skepticism by your readers. It’s important then to make sure you get your audience interested in your research paper by creating a compelling thesis statement. Here is a short but effective step-by-step guide to composing a great one:

  • Step 1) Do Some Preliminary Research on Potential Ideas
  • Before you get started with writing your research paper you need to come up with a few ideas to do some preliminary searches either online or at the library. Sometimes your instructor will give you a prompt with some suggestions but usually you can choose your own idea as long as it fits within the scope of your class.

  • Step 2) Narrow Down Your Topic to a Single Focus
  • In order to write a compelling thesis statement you’re going to have to narrow the focus of your topic down to something precise and clear. This is one of the biggest challenges for students writing on abortion because it’s difficult to know whether you will be able to find sufficient resources on just the one issue.

  • Step 3) Brain Storm Ideas for Your Thesis Statement
  • Your research paper can be a very large and time consuming project. Before starting on finding materials for your project, you should brain storm several ideas in order to develop direction. Try a number of different techniques until you’ve developed a handful of ideas that you can explore. It might help do read some background info on abortion to ensure that you can focus your entire project on your topic.

  • Step 4) Organize a Draft Outline to Arrange Arguments
  • After you’ve done a little bit of reading to find evidence to use in your research paper, you should try organizing that information in an outline. In addition to being a helpful tool in composing your drafts, it can also be very useful in helping you create a good thesis statement that accurately says what it is you will be discussing throughout your writing.

  • Step 5) Revise Your Thesis Ideas to a Single Statement
  • The last step is to revise your thesis statement idea into a single concise and clear sentence that any reader would easily comprehend. Don’t try anything overly complicated. Avoid compound sentences or ones with poor word choice. The best writing should be straight to the point, plain English.


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