How Do You Write A Good Introductory Paragraph For A Research Paper: Basic Hints

The research paper is an important part of any academic pursuit and many students have difficulty when constructing one for the first time. The first paragraph of these documents are often considered most important since they can affect the reader’s choice to read on or not. There are various methods one can utilize to accomplish the construction of an excellent introductory paragraph and with a little effort, you can create an outstanding first paragraph quite easily. Here is a basic guideline for writing a good introduction:

  1. Be brief and to the point.
  2. If your opening statements are filled with too many frivolous or conversational pieces the discipline with which the reader would want to receive these articles could vanish creating a lack of interest in your work. Remember that your research paper will mostly be used as a reference therefore, certain chapters or sections may be viewed for verification and instruction.

  3. Create a good hypothesis.
  4. It’s always a good practice to present engaging topics for research, this will ensure that your work will be viewed by a larger body of readers. Be careful not to discuss heavily subjective ideals that transcend the confines of evidence. An effortless search should be sufficient to find trending forums of study to choose from.

  5. Target specific people for greater effectiveness.
  6. This method requires a certain level of mastery in that you should strive to have your work be within the top three sought after material for review. When this status has been reached your work is now a substantial source of reliable information on the topic of your choice. Within the primary stages of subject dominance your circle of readers may be few but as your relevance grows so to will your reach of audiences expand even to other countries.

  7. Use controversial statements where applicable.
  8. Controversial statements can be used as a tool to peak the readers’ interest. Featuring an ongoing debate may make your work a sensation but exercise caution when inserting your opinions and any attempts at forecasting for here you can taint the paper with illegitimacy.

  9. Lead into the main body of your paper.
  10. The format of your introductory stanza must follow a theme that provides for a seamless transition into the bulk of the paper. After stating you hypothesis, presenting apparatus and explaining methods in the introductory paragraph, based on how good it was, readers would welcome the way you shifted into the following parts of the paper.


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