Tips And Tricks For Writing A Term Paper About Obesity

Obesity is one of the most common and pressing health issues facing many populations all over the world today. On one hand it is speculated that the main cause is our food choices while some argue that it may be our life choices concerning things like activity levels and exercise. The ballot is still out on the real cause of this recent occurrence of widespread obesity throughout the world, mainly in developed countries and various studies are continuously being carried out in attempt to solve this pressing health issue. Here are some tips on which areas to focus on when writing a term paper about obesity:

  1. Economics
  2. The price of food varies depending on the types of food you wish to consume. Generally, expensive foods tend to be less fattening because creators of such food products don’t use many substitutes and additives to make their products attractive since they use higher quality ingredients. Cheap foods typically contain copious amounts of sugar additives to make it tasty while keeping production costs low.

  3. Addictions
  4. Different chemicals in foods stimulate different systems in the body and certain types directly stimulate the bodies rewards system, causing the individual to become addicted to a particular food and so consume more than they need to.

  5. Physical activity
  6. We’re not the same people we used to be when we would all farm or raise animals or hunt for our survival. As our society becomes more structured, we organize the workload giving specific task to specific people, sometimes completely eliminating physical activity from particular tasks.

  7. Genetics
  8. It is speculated that Some individuals have no choice but to be obese because of information coded in their genes.

  9. Lifestyle
  10. In our fast paced society, some working people can’t afford the time to have a proper meal and so rely heavily on fast foods for their nutritional needs.

  11. Availability of healthy foods
  12. Populations are often highly concentrated in cities and as a result most people don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in an affordable way. This need is often replaced by snacks and other high cholesterol treats.

  13. Emotional pressure
  14. Many studies have documented depression as a main stimulant for over eating and by extension, obesity.

  15. Culture
  16. Some cultures view a heavy set woman or man as a form or status or sex appeal despite the negative health effects condition.


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