Writing A Brilliant Term Paper On Drug Trafficking: Points To Consider

Usually, a term paper counts for a significant part of your final grade, so it makes sense to work hard and prepare a brilliant assignment that will impress your instructor. By writing about drug trafficking, you will learn more about this subject area and practice your writing and analytical skills. A term paper should be well-structured, deeply analyzed, correctly written, and properly formatted. The following points to consider will help you compose a brilliant work:

  • Learn the instructions given by your supervisor.
  • Many students forget about the requirements of their instructors, so they make mistakes and so lower their grades. Make sure to have all the notes and ask questions if you don’t understand something. For example, find a term paper writing manual if you don’t know how to format the assignment or ask your classmates what help resources they are planning to use while writing their assignments.

  • Narrow down the topic.
  • Drug trafficking is a broad topic, so if you want to write a strong paper, you should come up with a narrower research idea. This will allow you to formulate a focused thesis statement. For instance, you can write about the problem of legalized drugs, considering arguments for and against. It’s a good idea to visit your professor and approve a chosen topic before you start to conduct your research.

  • Use different informational and data sources.
  • No matter what topic you select, you should carefully pick literary sources. The school library might have great collections of journals related to drug abuse, trafficking of prohibited drugs, and economic effect of taxing drugs. A librarian will help you find useful resources. Remember that it’s a good idea to include some statistics to your term paper. For example, provide data on how many people are drug addicted in your state.

  • Write an outline first.
  • A good outline will save hours of your work, so try to make it as detailed as possible. It should include the main points in an introductory section, key ideas and facts in the body sections, and a brief summary in a conclusion. If you can, add a list of illustrative material and statistical data. Some students also agree that it is useful to have a set of journal articles to provide some interesting facts from there.

After you complete all the steps listed above, you will be ready to start to write the text. It’s advisable to write everything as fast as you can and then revise the material, add all the necessary details, and format your term paper in a proper manner.


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