Basic Points On Writing A Research Paper On Stress Management In Armed Forces 

Research projects that are devoted to burning issues of reality are always interesting and successful. The problem of the stress management in armed forces is one of such hot topics. If you approach the task responsibly, explore the issue well, and effectively share your ideas on the subject, a good mark and your teacher’s favor are guaranteed. There are some basic points in the process of composing research papers. If you skip none of them, you will manage to create a strong academic paper.

  • Narrowing a topic.
  • To make your topic more manageable, choose to explore a particular aspect of the stress management in armed forces. For example, you may investigate how they cope with stress in the armed forces of a specific country. Or, find out what the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is, how it shows, and how it is treated nowadays. It may also be interesting to research the stress management in a particularly narrow military circle, like, military women, veterans, reservists, or service families. After you formulate your topic, consult with your teacher if it will fit well into the research paper of a needed size.

  • Researching.
  • Browse the Internet and use all available resources of your school library. Try to find the articles, books, and websites on the subject of the armed forces. The psychology materials about the stress management tools and methods may be useful as well. Consult with your teacher. Organize your sources due to their importance. Arrange your references and quotations and save them for further use.

  • Outlining.
  • Create your thesis statement. Come up with the strongest arguments to support your position. Write an outline. Distribute all supporting materials among your key points. Close your argument with the strongest point.

  • Writing.
    • Introduction.
    • Share some background information on the issue. Let it be interesting and catchy. For example, provide striking statistical data on the number of suicides due to stress in the military forces. Define some concepts or terms if necessary. For instance, explain what PTSD is. Include your thesis demonstrating your position.

    • Body.
    • Follow your outline when providing your arguments. Focus on your points. Use your sources wisely: don’t simply quote them, but interpret and analyze ideas by other researchers.

    • Conclusion.
    • Reword your thesis and provide a brief summary of your arguments. Explain why your findings are important and what aspect of the problem needs further research or concrete actions.

  • Revising.
  • Check if your writing is fluent and coherent. Your arguments should logically arise from one another. Look for the mistakes. Make corrections if necessary.


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